Exploring a Seasonal Expectation

Motherhood brings with it many shoulds.
Today’s should-a Christmas Craft. Namely, salt dough ornaments.

Confession: I HATE crafting. It is so…messy. It involves STUFF that I have to specifically purchase for said craft. I like to read. And write. And take walks. I don’t do hobbies that involve “STUFF.”

But my daughter, she loves herself a craft.

Besides, somewhere in the middle class mother by-laws there is a rule that I need to craft. It runs rampant in our collective unconscious.

While crafting, I almost blew a blood vessel. After successfully working as a team to mix the dough, my daughter decided that she wanted me to make “eggs” with the dough and she freaked out every time I rolled it out to make an ornament. I tried to be a zen crafty mom-“Here sweetie, press the shape!” But soon was almost yelling at her to follow the steps.

Shouldn’t this be fun? I mean, we are trying to cookie cutter ourselves some heirlooms here.

We finally agreed to disagree. I made stars, and she concocted an elaborate story of an egg family.

After wrangling some dough from the egg family, I have some ornaments that could be destroyed by said daughter, or the cat, or any number of messy catastrophes that occur regularly in a home with two children under 3 and two sleep deprived adults.

I am also stuck with a giant bucket of cookie cutters.

Then again, at Christmas, you should make cookies…


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