Baby wearing-The sweet spot and the sweat spot

I am a huge fan of baby wearing.

For the uninitiated, baby wearing is when you utilize some sort of baby carrier to literally strap your kid to you. It is often associated with an attachment parenting style. As I am not someone who pushes this type of parenting-or anything except “keep everyone fed, warm, and reasonably safe, clean, and satisfied,” you can google it yourself should you want to know more about it.

Baby wearing is great for someone like me who is not gifted at what to actually do with a non-verbal, non-motor enabled being. Now that I have two kids, it has become essential to be hands free so I can catch the older one while she tightrope walks the back of a couch.

I get a lot of hippy mamma jokes about strapping on my babies. I am not really that crunchy at the end of the day. Baby wearing is simply the only way I know how to entertain or calm a cranky baby. Strap them on and go for a walk, fold laundry, shop, watch TV, blog from your cellphone- it is so easy. They bop around, look at stuff, and then, like magic, fall asleep.

However, the part no one tells you about is that you are prone to giant sweaty spots where your baby hangs out. Also drool. As in, bring a clean shirt. Also a sore back, shoulders, and maybe hips can come into the territory. There are so many kinds it is possible to find one that minimizes all of these things, but as someone who has five of them (obsessed) let me tell you that all of them involve wearing an increasingly heavy baby.

Also, you drop food on them. Or at least I do.

Also, until you get them on your back, it is impossible to wash dishes-for me, anyway.

The benefits of having your little one strapped to you, however, cosy, warm, and out of trouble-are too many to count.


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