WTF Weight Watchers!?!

Is anyone else offended by these new Weight Watchers Commercials?

If you haven’t seen them, and can’t be bothered to click the link (Confession: I rarely click links in blogs), here is the synopsis: Once upon a time, you were a little girl who believed in fairy princesses, and that “anything is possible.” Now, you are a big girl, and you should know anything is possible because…you can go on this new diet!!!

This is where feminism has gotten us. We apparently trade fairytales for fad diets. As grown women our realm of possible has apparently shrunk (pun intended) to wishing and working towards thinness.

I am particularly distressed because I have done Weight Watchers in the past, and it is a fair and balanced approach in an elimination diet world (I’m looking at you, Paleo).

It appears that whenever feminism takes a giant leap forward, such as with Lean In, or with Hilary Clinton completing a successful run as Secretary of State, or the Afforable Care Act increasing coverage for breastfeeding supplies and support, there is a backlash to keep women in their place.

Or was it not an accident that a book title about women’s leadership started with the word “lean”?

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2 thoughts on “WTF Weight Watchers!?!

  1. Carrie says:

    I understand your thoughts, but I wonder if I feel differently because I feel overwhelmed by being overweight. This makes it seem doable. I think we all have to walk a very fine line when it comes to the topic of weight loss. We all have healthy goals and unhealthy goals, and it is very easy for the conversation to go back and forth over the line (especially because we each have a subjective reaction to the topic). The commercial speaks more to me about feeling empowered (when in truth I struggle with that very issue) than childhood dreams of being thin.

    • spicypepita says:

      Carrie, I really appreciate your perspective. Particularly because I have always held your intelligence, strength, and accomplishments in high esteem. One of the main reasons these commercials that hit me the wrong way is that men struggle as well, yet there were no little boys saying, “I want to grow up to be a fireman and fly to the moon.” Followed by a dude jumping on a trampoline.

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