Germ Magnets

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trapped in my house with two tiny germ magnets for the past several weeks.

We have had a cold, pinkeye, another cold, and yesterday, “My neck hurts, Mamma.”

Toddler-ese for, “I have a sore throat.”


And my two little ones have been sharing these ailments with each other. Such good sharing!

You have not had fun until you have tackled a toddler and a baby every day, three times per day, for a week, bearing eye drops.

By day two, my baby was squeezing her eyes shut and squirming, and my toddler was screaming ” Ahhh! Hide!” and ducking under furniture.

We bribed her with chocolate. After one time, it was ineffective.

It was helpfully suggested to me that breast milk would clear this up. First off, I did that, which is how the pinkeye remained delightfully contagious and shareable for a few extra days. Secondly, liquid in the eye is unpleasant to children regardless of “natural” properties.

Every consecutive sickness has led to an increase in cabin fever, of which, at this point, this mamma has a near-fatal case.

Whenever we have had a break in symptoms, we try a new activity.

Which in turn, has given us a new cold. Thus, missing the following week of said activity.

How many weeks until spring?

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