When I don’t wish I had two goldfish, I highly recommend siblings

Once upon a time, before I ever became pregnant or married or a mother, I wanted a bucket of kids. Like, five.

That number has been revised a bit, but one thing I can say for sure: I highly recommend siblings.

Also it’s Valentine’s Day! So I guess this is a love note to my two girls, here on the internets-why I recommend siblings:

1. It builds team spirit. My oldest struggled with the arrival of her sister, but now, even when she still has her moments, she intuitively knows it’s not all about her.

2. Matching outfits! (Coordinating ones if you have different genders of siblings).

3. The bigger one entertains the smaller one. And not even by playing together-just by existing.

4. Each parent has a snuggle buddy!

5. You learn to really not sweat the small stuff as a parent. Oh, you fed your lollipop to your 2 month old sister? What good sharing!

6. Two opportunities for someone to visit me at the old folks home!

7. I know I can’t guarantee closeness as adults, but a sibling will always be an option for support. The ties that bind, and all that goodness.

8. Even teams for family activities! Badminton, anyone?

9. The older one teaches the younger one everything! It’s pretty cute to watch.

10. Lastly-most importantly-it’s about love. To see two children learn to love each other, and to see them share and experience that love. To feel your own heart as a parent expand for each individual being you add to your family.

Like I said, I recommend it.

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