Where have you BEEN!?!

Hey everyone, all you peeps out there who click on my links. ‘Sup?

I haven’t written because we have been continuously sick for most of this winter, and in between having a sick child or two hanging on me, being sick myself, attempting to work in between, and the resulting sleep deprivation, I haven’t had many opportunities to come up with anything to say.

Actually, that’s not completely true. I could have complained about germs on here every. single. day. But that is hardly compelling.

I have also not seen friends since…October? It feels like every greeting I’ve given someone recently is, “Where have you BEEN!??”

It goes without saying that this winter has been brutal. Like, considering moving brutal.

But even though I am sitting here with baby vomit in my hair and a low-grade fever of my own, I’m feeling spring coming. Seed catalogs have arrived. We are getting foster chickens while friends are out of town. Birds are returning to the bird feeder. There are visible patches of lawn. My girls are starting to play TOGETHER! The air is changing.



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