NyQuil, Neti Pots, and Natural Healing-Part 1

This winter has been a constant sick day. We started toddler activities this fall, and have caught everything under the sun. Colds, strep, fifths disease, and now ear infections.

My little baby, in the spirit of sharing, has gotten everything her sister brought home-except strep.

Which brings about an important point-exclusively breastfeeding your child does not prevent illness. I’m sure it helps build the immune system, as all the studies show, but it’s not a magic bullet. She is sick WAY more than her formula fed sister ever was. Formula doesn’t cause sickness people-GERMS do. And you know who has lots of germs? Toddlers.

But I digress.

As the winter has proceeded, I’ve gotten sick as well a few times. While I daydream longingly of weeks chugging NyQuil, (and sleeping!) my options are somewhat limited on what I can take, thanks to aforementioned breastfed baby. Also because you can’t be in a NyQuil stupor when your toddler is up crying because she is a MESS every 45 minutes.

Therefore, I’ve been experimenting with the word of “natural remedies” to see what helps.

Like all responsible bloggers, I should say I am NOT a doctor, just a person, and if you or your kids are sick, you should take thee to the doc ASAP.

I’ve done enough at this point for a couple of posts, but I’ll leave you today with my favorite-my Decongestion Concoction.

This is found, with different proportions, all over the web. For good reason-it works.

16-24 oz hot tea. I use either chamomile or ginger.
2+ Tablespoons honey. Local honey is recommended but supermarket honey is fine.
1/2-1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2-teaspoon ground ginger (people use fresh too. Feel free.)
*people also put in lemon

To Make: Boil water. Put all other ingredients in a cup. When water is at a boil, pour over and mix to incorporate all ingredients. Clears up your nose and makes a sore throat feel much better!

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