NyQuil, Neti Pots, and Natural Healing Part 2- Internet based experiments

For the record, my right ear is completely plugged. It has been for DAYS now. I am currently fighting the urge to put a sharp object into it and pop it.

By the way, I know this would be a bad idea.

Also by the way-I did go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Not because they are for every illness, but because when you have a fever for four days and a sinus infection, they are recommended.

But back to the ear.

I had to get some relief from this fluid. So I googled, “drain ear fluid”.

I found Massage By Heather.

Heather details a method called “lymphatic drain massage” that is a series of light touches to coax your ear fluid down the paths it should be draining down. She does the series of massage positions in video. It’s easy to follow.

I figured I had nothing to lose, so I tried it.

It definitely helps! I would say it reduced my ear pressure by 30%. I could also feel the ear fluid trickling down my neck and into my throat (gross, but that is how drainage works).

This is basically my approach to natural healing and self-directed remedies. I research. I ask myself, can I do this? If it doesn’t work, is no change in my condition the worst possible result? If the answers are “yes”, I try it.

Since the Massage by Heather experiment, my friend, an actual massage therapist, let me know that it really is safe to do this type of massage on yourself. I found that reassuring-because I’m about to do it again.

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