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It’s Been a Long Time

So long, in fact, that I had to re-set three passwords with three email accounts to find this blog log-in.

Say that three times fast. Blog-log-in.

The person who last signed in here would not believe that I am sitting here, in Harvard Square, with a latte, on a Friday morning, blogging before I go meet with clinical supervisors for my students.

The person who last signed in here would not believe the sheer number of changes that my own life has evolved through in the past three years.

However, the person who last signed in here knew, always, that I would be back. The person who last signed in here knew that this blog, though temporarily abandoned, had some staying power.

I am a habitual journal keeper. I have written, more or less frequently, about my life, about myself, about my Thoughts on the Things since 1989. There is a pile of more or less legible diaries, full of thoughts, pictures, musings, quotes, and embarrassing anecdotes that now date back nearly thirty years.

And on the internet, there are bits and bites of blogs, some languishing, some long deleted. My old habit was to begin again- a new blog, a new notebook, a new name, a fresh page.

This time, I knew I was beginning something, and I have been thinking, turning over in my  mind, what is next? Many sleepless nights I wrote essays in my head, only to never post them.

What’s next? I think I finally know.


Where have you BEEN!?!

Hey everyone, all you peeps out there who click on my links. ‘Sup?

I haven’t written because we have been continuously sick for most of this winter, and in between having a sick child or two hanging on me, being sick myself, attempting to work in between, and the resulting sleep deprivation, I haven’t had many opportunities to come up with anything to say.

Actually, that’s not completely true. I could have complained about germs on here every. single. day. But that is hardly compelling.

I have also not seen friends since…October? It feels like every greeting I’ve given someone recently is, “Where have you BEEN!??”

It goes without saying that this winter has been brutal. Like, considering moving brutal.

But even though I am sitting here with baby vomit in my hair and a low-grade fever of my own, I’m feeling spring coming. Seed catalogs have arrived. We are getting foster chickens while friends are out of town. Birds are returning to the bird feeder. There are visible patches of lawn. My girls are starting to play TOGETHER! The air is changing.


Work at Home Mythology

I’m currently transitioning from a job with a place, an office, and a salary to being a roaming agent of change with a netbook and a flexible “schedule.” The reasons for this are many, and also typical to many parents- two kids, more home commitments, childcare needs, blah blah blah etc.
Like most jobs, there is face time, and then paperwork, e-mail, phone calls, etc. I get to do all these things from home.
Some people are great at this. Disciplined, great boundaries, on time, etc.
And then there is me.
I’m still figuring this out. And so far, I “work” on and off all day, every day. Thanks to my iPhone, I’m always hooked in.
I’ll be providing ongoing assessment as to how this goes, but so far, here is my experience:
The Good:
1. It has been much easier to navigate a sudden temporary loss of my childcare.
2. I can email while nursing!
3. My 2 1/2 yo is much better able to follow directions than I previously thought. “Mommy’s working,” means something to her.

The Bad:
1. I feel constant guilt about how long it’s taking me to get stuff done and learn new things. This is all internal pressure, btw.
2. I don’t have a dedicated workspace at home and am disorganized.
3. My 2 1/2 yo does suddenly decide she needs me and starts screaming “Mommy! Mommy!” Like Stewie when she has had enough.

One thing is for certain: this is not “easier” though it is “better.”

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New Beginnings

In the early 2000s, a dear friend was in a Chekov play that explored the relationship between men and women. Within the context of this play, the male character spouted to the female. “You! With your crinoline logic!”

It has stuck in my mind for nearly a decade. “Someday,” I told myself, “I am going to start a feminist ‘zine and use that phrase as a title.”

Time has passed- and, some may say- the time of “‘zines” has passed us as well. But yet, the phrase, over and over again, has never left me.

As I come back to writing, I was searching for a title, a phrase, of clever uniqueness for this newest blog. 

Crinoline- A petty coat, an underskirt, stiffened to make the skirt of a dress stand out

Logic- A particular way of thinking about something

I am always terrible at these intro posts. I put a lot of effort and energy into putting pressure on myself to sound smart, profound, blah blah blah. 

Really, I’m just excited to write again. 

Real post to come soon!